Our mentors offer survivors unconditional acceptance. They model healthy behaviors, relationships, and lifestyles to help survivors transition from a life of risk to one that nurtures their mind, body, and soul.

What Our Mentors Do

Hope Ranch mentors are devoted Christ-followers who provide holistic, Christ-centered mentoring to help survivors.

They support survivors in acknowledging their circumstances, setting goals, and pursuing overall well-being. Mentors offer their homes as safe spaces, modeling healthy relationships and providing unwavering love during tough times. They guide women to overcome addiction, heal from abuse, and access professional services and family counseling. Through mentoring, women experience unconditional acceptance.

Strategic Partnerships

Partnerships will provide professional counseling, healthcare, education, life skills, and vocational training. Through these services, mentees and our Hope Ranch residents receive necessary tools for health and self-sufficiency.

For More Information

To learn more about how you can become a mentor with Hope Ranch, please contact Linda Oelze.