What We Accomplish

Hope Ranch for Women offers whole-life, Christ-centered mentoring to women at risk for human trafficking and other dangers. Our mentors, believers in the power of Christ, are trained to understand the full range of risks and traumas that can affect a survivor’s ability to heal and thrive.

Community Program

Our mentors offer unconditional acceptance as they work to model healthy behaviors, relationships, and lifestyles to assist survivors as they transition from a life of risk to one that nurtures their mind, body, and soul.

Residential Program

Our residential home offers a place for restoration and recovery. As is true of our Community Program, the Hope Ranch Home offers security and trust while promoting new behaviors and healthy thought processes.

In all our programs, we monitor our interventions and progress against a rigorous set of guidelines and benchmarks. Hope Ranch for Women is committed to a program that is as rooted in evidence as it is in faith.