The good work of Hope Ranch is the result of an entire team of individuals striving, together, toward our common goal.

We are led by Christ-centered, trauma-informed staff, protected by a board of directors, and strengthened by overseers.

For the body is not one member, but many.

— Corinthians 12:14

Staff Team

The Hope Ranch team oversees the day-to-day ministry and operations and is led by the Executive Director. The staff serves survivors and is responsible for the development and cultivation of whole-life health in the women we serve.


Executive Director


Residential Director


Community Director

Cat Smith

Equine-Assisted Learning Director

Rose Eldridge

Live-In Residential Coach

Jill Jurgens

Daytime Residential Coach

Kat Pattinson

Evening Residential Coach

Tammy Moss

Evening Residential Coach

Paula Ridder

Night Residential Coach

Karen Glenn

Residential Weekend Respite

Rachel Witherspoon

PRN Residential Coach

Amy Pierce

Case Manager

Shaun Estrada

Community Case Manager

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors oversees the finances and management of properties needed for Hope Ranch for Women. They provide counsel to the Executive Director and managing team regarding any major financial decisions. 

The Board also consults about and oversees the vision of the organization, assuring that HR4W remains true to its mission and each board member provides professional expertise in a non-staff role.

Kathy Herzog

Joan Capul


Cathy Turner

Mark Hutton


The Overseers are dedicated servant leaders who are respected for their integrity and involvement in Kingdom of God Ministry. This team loves Hope Ranch for Women and those served there, and is willing to provide spiritual protection to the ministry.

They may be called in to help in accounability matters relating to the Executive Director if requested by the management staff, Board of Directors, or the Executive Director.

Scott Foster

Steve Musick