Wichita, KS June 29, 2015 – Hope Ranch for Women today announced it has received a $20,000 grant from The Change the World Initiative for its work with survivors of trafficking and abuse.

Cathy Turner, Chief Executive Officer of Hope Ranch for Women, said: “We are honored and humbled that the Church of God, Change the World Initiative would see the benefit of the work we are doing, and recognize our expansion plans for the upcoming year. In the past year, we provided more than 1,000 hours of mentoring, trained ten equestrian ambassadors and received pledges to purchase our home and acreage for in-house support programs to trafficked and abused women. This grant is important to our ability to continue existing operations, and grow to fight human trafficking”.

About the Grant

The Change the World Initiative is a national program, provided by the Church of God in Anderson, Indiana, to empower organizations to make a difference in their local neighborhoods. There were six grants awarded, up to a maximum of $20,000 each. Hope Ranch for Women was one of 63 applicants competing for the grants. The grant applications were evaluated by a committee of reviewers from Canada, U.S. and El Salvador, based upon:

  1. specific need being addressed
  2. engaging the world in the name of Jesus
  3. mobilizing people and
  4. growth plan.

About Hope Ranch for Women

Hope Ranch for Women is dedicated to empowering survivors who have been trafficked, exploited and abused, through investing in their lives, to rise above their circumstances and become whole in mind, body & soul. It is an accredited 501(c)3 charity, based in Andover, Kansas. For more information, or to donate to Hope Ranch for Women, please contact Linda McMillin at 316-644-0004 or admin@HR4W.com.